Consulting service related to contract

Do you need to consult about contract? Or do you want to find a prestigious consulting service? Come with us, we will supply you with the best consulting service of contract. DNC LAW FIRM’s consulting service will represent to prepare legal basis, negotiation, draft, adjustment and verification for each contract of customers. Customer can totally be assured and believe as you are consulted by DNC LAW FIRM.

Contract is not only a tool to prevent risks but also a means to help transaction between parties obtain maximum benefit. Furthermore, it is also a bridge to maintain a long and a stable cooperation relationship between parties. We have a professional team who is good at many different fields, we believe that we can meet every need of customers’ contract consultancy. Now, we have provided to customers contract consulting service such as:

–                      Land, construction and bidding;

–                      Lease, purchase, transfer, mortgage and collateral;

–                      Domestic and foreign loans;

–                      Purchase and distribute goods;

–                      Transfer of intellectual property rights;

–                      Business cooperation contract, joint venture contract;

–                      Contract of sale related to shares and bonds;

–                      Technical assistance contract;

–                      Consulting other types of contracts…

Please If you want to discuss about other issues involves in contract, time, term of payment…. please feel free to contact us.

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