Record of mariage registration with foreigner consists of :

1. A declaration form of marriage registration (pursuant to the stipulated form).

2. Confirmation document for the marriage status of each person is issued by the authorized office at the country in which the engaged person is citizen, this document is available and not over 6 months till to the accepted date; pursuant to the real circumstance, the person involved is a bachelor or a spinster; in the case, if the country of the engaged person does not issues the confirmation document for marriage status, this document will be replaced with the confirmation document of the oath of the person involved. He/she has to take the oath mentioned that he/she is a bachelor/spinster, and suitable for that country’s law.

3. The confirmation document of the authorized medical organization in Vietnam or any foreign country is still available and not over 6 months until to the accepted date. The document that the person involved is not currently mental illness or diseases involving metal or losing control the behavior.

4. A notarized original copy or certified ID card (to the Vietnamese in Vietnam), passport or replaced documents such as passport or residence card (to foreigners and Vietnamese people settling in the foreign country)

5. A notarized original copy or certified family household registering book or the confirmation document of collective population or the confirmation of the registering dated temporary residence (to the Vietnamese people in the country), the resident card, or temporarily resident card, or the confirmation for temporary residence (to foreigners in Vietnam)

6. Apart from the documents stipulated above, to the Vietnamese people is serving in armed forces, or is working with the Governmental secret, they have to apply the confirmation document of their company/ office, managing organization at the central or provincial government; the document confirms that his/her marriage with a foreigner does not affect the work of protecting the Governmental secret or not break the regulations of his/her branch.